How to give a dog a bath | A DIY Guide

how to give a dog a bath

Everyone loves to pet a freshly bathed dog! In this article we will tell you how to give a dog a bath.

Giving your dog a bath is just part of good pet ownership.

However, you shouldn’t bathe your dog too much because that can lead to stripping your dog’s natural oils from their skin and coat, which can lead to dry, irritated skin.

Although Fido sometimes gets pretty smelly and needs to be freshened up a little.

Some people have fancy dog grooming tubs, but most people just have an ordinary bathtub in their home.

We will use an ordinary tub in our example.

how to give a dog a bath

The risks of bathing your dog at home

  • Backaches- Sometimes bathing your dog at home is no easy feat, and some dogs make the task harder than others. You will spend a lot of time bending over, and twisting at strange angles. ** Safety Precaution– If possible pull a chair or stool up to the tub when you bathe your dog. Sitting is often times more comfortable while giving your dog a bath.**
  • Slips and falls- Water can get everywhere when you give your pup a bath, and this can lead to slippery floors for you and your dog. **Safety precaution– Laying a few towels down on the floor around the tub will absorb excess water, and minimize the risk of slipping.**
  • Doggie bathtub falls- Tubs can be slippery, especially for dogs. If your dog begins to flail or moves too quickly, he could fall in the tub. **Safety precaution– Try a non-slip rubber bath mat to give your dog some traction during baths. This is especially helpful for senior dogs.

Gather your supplies

Optional items

Whew… now that we have all that out of the way, let’s get your dog ready for their bath.

How to give your dog a bath

  1. Remove your dog’s collar– This will make it easier to brush and wash your dog. In the meantime, do the sniff test on your dog’s collar. If it’s fabric, it may benefit from a wash before you put it back on your dog.
  2. Brush your dog– This action will remove debris and loose hair. This is also a good chance to gently remove tangles.
  3. Adjust your water temperature to Luke warm– It’s best to do this before you put your dog in the tub to avoid scalding your dog or spraying them with icy cold water.
  4. Put your dog in the tub– Now that your water temperature is perfect, put your dog in the tub. Our dogs love to jump in the tub for a treat. Depending on your dog’s size and training, you may need to get some help to get them into the tub.
  5. Wet your dogs coat thoroughly– This can be a little tricky with some breeds, but just keep going until your dog’s coat is saturated with water (avoiding the head and eyes).
  6. Lather your dog up using a dog safe shampoo. We like the Tropiclean Shampoo and conditioner combo. Use a washcloth to gently work the lather into your dog’s coat. Take special care to wash under your dog’s belly, and don’t forget their legs and feet.
  7. Use your second washcloth to clean your dog’s head and face. Do this by getting your washcloth wet and add just a tiny amount of shampoo. Gently wash your dog’s head, taking care to avoid the eyes. Rinse the washcloth very well, and use it to remove all the soap from your dog’s head. This may take several tries.
  8. Rinse the rest of your dog until the water runs clean. You don’t want any soapy residue to remain on your dog, because this can dry out your dog’s skin and coat, resulting in itchy, flaky, skin.
  9. Towel dry your dog until water is no longer dripping from their coat, paying attention to under the stomach, legs and paws. This is also a good opportunity to inspect your dog’s feet and pads to make sure they are in good condition. It’s also a great time to check your dog’s nail length to see if clipping is in order.
how to give a dog a bath

Optional Steps

  1. Optional: Dry your dog’s coat with a doggy hairdryer. This will dry your dog quickly so bacteria doesn’t have a chance to build-up on their coat causing an odor.
  2. Optional: Finish up with grooming spray. One of my favorite things about getting my dogs professionally groomed, is how amazing they smell afterwards. You can get the same wonderful smell when you groom your dog at home! This is my favorite grooming spray. I use this on all my dogs and absolutely love the smell.

How often to give a dog a bath?

It’s probably best to bathe your dog only when it’s necessary.

For example, if your dog is muddy, smelly, or rolls in something gross.

Some breeds such as poodles do require a lot of grooming, and may need to be bathed more frequently.

What’s the best time of day to bathe a dog?

Anytime of day is fine for bathing your dog, but you may want to exercise your dog first so they will be more relaxed at bath time.

We hope you enjoyed this DIY guide “How to give a dog a bath”

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