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best dogs for runners

There is no doubt that dogs make the best running companions. The best dogs for runners will have both the energy and stamina to get the job done!

Day or night, your furry best friend will be ready when you are.

Regardless of wether your a distance runner, or just enjoy running 1-2 miles a day, it’s much more fun with a dog at your side.

Remember to take a dogs personality traits into account when looking for your new running buddy.

Is a puppy a good running partner?

If you want a dog that can join you for runs immediately, an older dog would be the best choice.

Puppies are still growing, and won’t be able to run with you for some time.

Too much vigorous activity at this tender age could cause injury.

If you decide to get a puppy, always consult your vet to find out at what age your pup can safely join you for runs.

Best dogs for runners

gsp best dogs for runners

German Shorthaired Pointer

I may be a bit biased as a GSP breeder, but these dogs have what it takes to keep up with runners.

I would say they are one of the best dogs for runners.

As a hunting breed, they possess boundless energy, and outstanding endurance.

As a bonus, they are easy to train and capable of running on any terrain.

This breed would be best for distance or marathon runners, as they do require at least 1 hour of robust activity daily.

You can find out more about this breed German Shorthaired Pointer

viszla best dogs for running partners

Hungarian Viszla

This striking hunting dog was bred to run after horses in the field, during a hunt.

They have a very high activity level, and make fantastic running buddies.

In addition to their high energy level, this breed thrives on being with its owner.

This trait makes them an especially wonderful running companion.

This highly intelligent breed can run on any terrain, and is well-suited for distance runners with an active lifestyle.

husky dog running partner

Siberian Husky

This dog was literally bred to run!

Husky’s originated as sled dogs, so this breed has energy and stamina to spare.

This dog should not run in the heat due to its heavy coat. Overheating is a real possibility.

This breed enjoys running in cooler temperatures.

They can cover any terrain, and are well suited to distance runners.

The Husky could be a good choice if you live in a cooler climate, and don’t mind a dog that can be difficult to train.

weimaraner best dogs for runners

The Weimaraner

This dog is a true athlete. The Weim loves to run!

They are at the top of our list of the best dogs for runners.

Built for speed and agility, this breed will have no problem keeping up with even fast runners.

Like most dogs bred for hunting, the Weim has energy to burn and an endurance level to match.

This dog is best suited to distance runners, and does well on any terrain.

They bond quickly to their people, and are known to suffer from separation anxiety.

This breed thrives best with about 2 hours of physical activity daily.

ridgeback best dogs for runners

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Originally bred to keep lions at bay, the Ridgeback has plenty of power and endurance.

In fact they have held Rhodesian Ridgeback endurance trials.

This trial is held during their national specialty.

The ridgeback must run 12 miles without showing significant signs of stress to pass the trial.

This breed is definitely up to the challenge of being a running buddy.

The Ridgebacks do well in warmer climates and can cover any terrain.

Dalmatian dog running companion


This breeds ideal for mid distance runners.

When running, Dalmatians hit the ground pretty hard.

Because of this “pounding” action, it’s best to run them on softer terrain.

The Dalmatian is best suited to a home that can provide 2+ hours of physical activity daily.

This breed is also known to be difficult to live with and train. *Do your research*

doberman running companion


One of the few breeds actually bred for protection work.

The Doberman is fast, and has great stamina.

This naturally protective breed can keep up with mid-distance runners, but don’t run your Doberman in extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.

This fearless dog is loyal and obedient.

They are natural guardians and love to be with their people.

mallinois best dogs for running

Belgian Mallinois

The Mallinois is a most enthusiastic running companion.

The dog is an ideal partner for distance runners, and can easily run on all types of terrain.

This intelligent, and naturally protective breed isn’t for everyone.

The Mallinois needs early training and socialization.

This breed tends to be “too much dog” for the average home.

*Warning: Do your research*

Australian Shepherd best dogs for runners

Australian Shepherd

Definitely one of the best dogs for runners!

This breed isn’t from Australia, despite it’s name.

The dog was actually developed in California as a herding breed.

This energetic dog makes a wonderful running companion.

These dogs need about 30 min- 1 hour of physical activity daily, so they are well suited to mid-distance runners.

This competent dog is capable of running on any terrain.

This dog is clever, and easy to train. This breed is cooperative with humans.

Due to their strong herding instincts, this dog can be prone to herding or nipping children and other pets.

greyhound dog running partner

The Greyhound

This breed is definitely one of the best dogs for runners.

This sprinter is best suited for short distance runners.

The Greyhound likes to run fast for short distances.

This breed can run on all types of terrain.

They are peaceful in the home, and are a people-pleasing breed.

border collie best dogs for runners

Border Collie

Border Collies are best known for two things, their intelligence and herding ability.

What some people may not realize, is that this breed also excels as a running partner.

This dog is perfect for distance runners and can cover any type of terrain.

They can also run in a variety of weather conditions.

This active dog thrives as a farm dog, or in an active home with plenty of mental stimulation.

wire-haired pointer best running dogs
German Wirehaired Pointer

This energetic dog has a weather resistant double coat, making them a good running partner in cooler temperatures.

The wirehair is part of the sporting group.

This breed’s energy and stamina make them a great companion for distance runners.

If your ideal running buddy is easy to groom and bonds well with family, this dog may be a good fit.

This breed may be aggressive with other dogs.

saluki best dogs for runners


The elegant Saluki belongs the hound group.

This ancient dog breed is a graceful athlete.

The Saluki is an energetic breed that makes a fine running companion for mid-distance runners.

This breed likes to be treated like royalty, and enjoys the finer things in life, such as sharing your sofa.

This dog thrives a calm, quiet home, and may not be well suited to a home with children.

cattle dog best dogs to run with

Australian Cattle Dog

This herding dog was developed to drive cattle long distances.

This breed has high energy needs, and thrives as a running companion.

They can easily run on most any terrain, and tolerate both warmer and cooler climates.

This bright dog is eager to work, and makes a high spirited pet for an active household.

golden retriever best dogs for runners

Golden Retriever

Rounding out #15 of our best dogs for runners.

Despite being an excellent family pet, the golden is no sloth!

This breed has the stamina required to be a great running partner.

To top it off, this loyal dog is normally willing to stay at your side for a run.

As far as being a pet, the golden checks all the boxes.

This is an “easy to live with” breed that does well in almost any situation.

What dogs make the worst running partners?

Brachycephalic dogs are not well suited to being running companions.

This includes Bulldogs and pugs to name a couple.

These dogs have a harder time breathing in general, and are not the best dogs for runners.

Although they make good pets, they don’t do well with a lot of physical exertion.

Things to consider

Even though the majority of the dogs on this list are high energy breeds, you must start your dog slowly on any running regimen.

This helps physically condition your dog.

Always consult your vet before you begin any exercise program with your dog.

Your vet can also help you gauge the appropriate age to allow your young dog to begin running with you.

Always avoid extreme temperatures when running with your dog and make sure your pooch stays hydrated.

Here are a few supplies that may come in handy when running with your dog

Hands-Free Leash

hands free leash

Water Bottle

dog water bottle

Poop Bags

poop bags

We hope this list of the best dogs for runners was informative and helpful to you.

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