How to get dog smell out of house – Hacks

Ever wondered how to get dog smell out of the house? Here are some dog grooming tips that really work!

We all love our dogs, but don’t always love how they make our house smell. Some dogs are definitely stinkier than others. The good news is, with a little extra attention to grooming, your house doesn’t have to smell like a doggy day care.

how to get dog smell out of house

Bathe your dog only when needed is one secret how to get dog smell out of house.

We like to bathe our dogs on a monthly basis. This may be too much, or too little for some dogs. You will need to set a grooming schedule that fits the needs of your dog. I like to wet our dogs down, then lather them up with a washcloth instead of applying the shampoo directly to my dog. this allows me to evenly apply the shampoo, and access sensitive and hard to reach areas such as the stomach and between the legs.

Make sure you rinse your dog thoroughly. Leaving shampoo residue in your dogs coat could lead to irritated, dry skin. Having a damaged coat could lead to an even stinkier pup!

Blow dry your dogs fur

Bacteria thrives in a dogs wet fur causing odor. Taking the time to blow dry your dogs fur with a blow dryer after their bath will ensure your dog stays fresh longer.

Once fully dry, I love to use my ABSOLUTE favorite finishing spray PAW FUME. This stuff smells amazing!

how to get dog smell out of the house

Doggie foot stink doesn’t have to ruin your day. Check out this tip on how to get dog smell out of house.

Did someone open a bag of corn chips? No, it’s just doggie foot odor!

To cut down on this smell, we trim the long hairs between the pads on our dogs feet. This hair can pick up bacteria, and dirt, causing your pups feet to smell. We use grooming scissors for this purpose – Just be careful not to cut your dogs pads.

Touch up between grooming sessions

We don’t like to bathe our dogs too frequently because it can be very drying to their skin and coat. Instead, we opt to freshen them up between baths with pet wipes. Pet wipes are also ideal for cleaning your dogs feet if they step in something nasty while outdoors. They are also a lifesaver if your pup decides to roll in something smelly while playing outside. Our dogs are famous for doing this.

dog grooming tips that really work

Clean your dogs ears

Dogs ears can also be a source of odors. I just lift the ear flaps and gently clean the visible parts of the ear. Never insert anything into your dogs ear canal. I find that a cotton ball moistened with a little coconut oil works very well for this. It gets rid of dirt and odor, and keeps dogs ears moisturized as well. I try to do this on a monthly basis. If you notice any inflammation or redness in your dogs ears, contact your vet.

Other sources of pet odors

Your dogs bed can be one of the worst offenders when it comes to doggie odor. Using a dog bed with a washable cover makes it super easy to keep your dogs bed clean and smelling great.

A dogs crate can also be a pretty smelly place. Especially the plastic crates. If you find this to be true for your dogs crate, a solution of vinegar and water can be used to wipe the crate down.

It’s most convenient to clean your dogs crate outside, then simply rinse with your water hose and let it dry.

Dogs can be stinky, but hopefully our tips on how to get dog smell out of house will help your furry friend be a little easier on the nose.

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