Cutest Puppies – These 50 Dog Breeds Are The Most Adorable!

Here is the ultimate guide of 50 dog breeds that are the absolute, hands down, cutest as puppies!

The brief descriptions of the dog breeds in this article are generalizations, that may or may not be true for individual dogs.

Cutest Puppies – These 50 dog breeds are the most adorable!

cane corso puppy

#1 on our list of the cutest puppies Cane Corso

This breed is probably best known for its powerful build and guarding prowess. This dog is part of the working group.

This is a tough dog, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from this cutie patootie!

Who would believe this bundle of cuteness will end up weighing in at between 90-110 Pounds.

Rottweiler puppy cutest puppies

#2 Rottweiler

Someday this puppy will be an alert guardian that’s devoted to his family. The Rottie is part of the working group.

This dog muscular, compact build makes it a force to be reckoned with, but for now it’s content being a rolly polly puppy. Once grown, this confident dog will weigh in between 80-135 pounds!

beagle puppy cutest puppies

#3 Beagle

We couldn’t leave this sweetie off the list.

The beagle is known to hunt a variety of game, and to be a wonderful, albeit loud companion.

This pint sized scent hound will grow to be about 20-22 pounds and is quite possibly one of the cutest puppies in dogdom. The beagle is part of the hound group.

australian shepherd puppy cutest puppies

#4 Australian Shepherds

This herding breed loves to have a job to do.

They were originally bred to herd livestock and still have their herding instinct fully intact.

These sweet puppies come in a variety of colors, including the popular color merle. This dog is part of the herding group.

dogue de bordeaux cutest puppies

#5 on our list of the cutest puppies Dogue De Bordeaux

This breed is a serious animal weighing in at 110+ pounds when grown. The Dogue is part of the working group.

As a puppy, nothing can be cuter than that wrinkled face, and those soulful blue eyes.

As they grow older, their eyes turn Amber in color.

weimaraner puppy cutest puppies

#6 Weimaraner

These tiny silver beauties will soon have the speed and endurance to run like the wind.

This sleek hunting dog is also referred to as the “Grey Ghost”.

This dog is elegance, charm and grace all in one package. The Weim will weigh in at between 55-75 pounds when grown, and is part of the sporting group.

German shorthaired pointer puppy cutest puppies

#7 German Shorthaired Pointer

This floppy eared baby dog will one day be a bird hunting machine. This breed is also a loving and devoted addition to any home.

Although they make great pets, nothing can stop those hunting instincts from coming out.

golden retriever puppy cutest puppies

#8 Golden Retriever

It’s easy to see why this gorgeous fluff ball is a favorite of many!

The retrievers great looks, and amiable personality are a winning combination. The golden belongs to the sporting group, and will weigh in between 55-75 pounds when grown.

westie puppy cutest puppies

#9 West Highland White Terriers (Westies)

This happy dog breed hails from Scotland.

This fearless dog was originally bred to hunt vermin, and belongs to the terrier group.

Today, most enjoy the life of a pampered, and well-loved house pet. Fully grown this breed weighs between 15-20 pounds.

shar pei puppy cutest puppies

#10 on our list of the cutest puppies Shar Pei

These Puppies are known for their wrinkles, sometimes referred to as a ‘wrinkle puppy’.

Shar pei make loving and devoted companions, but they are suspicious and guarded with strangers.

All those folds and crevices are endearing, but require significant grooming.

mastiff puppy cutest puppies
Photo courtesy of: Misty Wallace Marotte

#11 Neopolitan Mastiff

This sweet puppy will grow in size to between 110-150+ pounds.

This mighty protector will need plenty of socialization and training starting at an early age.

They don’t need much exercise, but be prepared for lots of drooling.

They are normally a calm breed, but can be very stubborn.

English bulldog puppy cutest puppies

#12 English Bulldog

This breed is just as cute as it is stubborn!

English bulldogs can be one person dogs, but couldn’t be more loyal or devoted to their favorite person.

Training these puppies takes plenty of patience and persistence! The bulldog is part of the non-sporting group.

French bulldog puppy cutest puppies

#13 French Bulldog (Frenchie)

This pint sized puppy will most likely spend its life as the companion dog it was bred to be.

They are easy to spot because of their bat-like ears.

This breed is becoming increasingly popular and ranks #2 on the AKC’s most popular dog list for 2020.

tibetan mastiff puppy cutest puppies

#14 Tibetan Mastiff

These amazing puppies look like oversized teddy bears.

This breed bonds very deeply to its people, and will protect them at all costs.

This imposing dog can weigh upward of 150 pounds, and is “too much dog” for most people to handle.

Airedale terrier puppy cutest puppies

#15 on our list of the cutest puppies Airedale Terrier

This pup is known as the “King of Terriers”.

Weighing in between 50-70 pounds, it lives up to its nickname by ranking as the largest of the terrier group.

As puppies they look so sweet and docile with that bearded face.

This breed is also generally great with children, but make no mistake, they will protect their family.

lagotto romagnolo puppy cutest puppies

#16 Lagotto Romagnolo

If you love the look of Doodles, you are sure to fall head over heals for this purebred dog. This breed is part of the sporting group.

The dog originates from Italy, and has a very special skill, Truffle hunting!

fila brasileiro puppy cutest puppies

#17 Fila Brasileiro

Although this puppy’s face pulls at the heart strings, they will grow into a fierce protector of their family.

Even though as puppies this breed rates high on the cuteness scale, the dogs aggression towards strangers, combined with their athleticism makes them WAY too much dog for most people.

#18 Old English Sheepdog

This wonderful, hairy dog, has a friendly and upbeat personality with friends and strangers alike. They are oh so cute as puppies. This breed is part of the herding group, and will weigh in between 60-100 pounds once fully grown.

This dog has made an appearance in movies such as “The Labyrinth” and “The Shaggy Dog“.

pug puppy cutest puppies

#19 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Pug

This dog’s original purpose was to be a companion animal.

They love affection, even as puppies.

This breed rarely misses an opportunity to take a nap. They have a taste for the good life.

tibetan spaniel puppy cutest puppies

#20 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Tibetan Spaniel

This adorable breed is as loving as it is cute.

They form some of the tightest bonds with their owners.

This breed is easy to have in the home, and a pleasure to be around.

shiba inu puppy cutest puppies

#21 Shiba Inu

This cute, furry pup is a Japanese hunting dog.

This dog has a complex personality.

This breed, although cute, is very stubborn.

These dogs are also very commonly dog aggressive.

This is not a dog for a first time owner.

siberian husky puppy cutest puppies

#22 Siberian Husky

This dog was bred as a sled dog, and doesn’t mind cold weather.

They are an active breed, that requires plenty of exercise.

This breed can be somewhat difficult to train.

These dogs will sometimes have a split-eye (one brown and one blue eye).

As puppies, these little fluff balls couldn’t be any cuter.

alaskan malamute puppy cutest puppies

#23 Alaskan Malamute

It will surely be difficult to find another puppy as cute as the Malamute. This dog belongs to the working group.

This breed can be dominant, so you must be prepared to be a leader to this breed.

They love to chew when young, and make excellent sled dogs.

yorkie puppy cutest puppies

#24 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

This dog is super elegant with their long shiny coat. Yorkies make wonderful lap dogs.

They are a amazing companions, but definitely sassy and stubborn.

This breed likes to bark, and this can sometimes get them into trouble with larger breeds. This dog belongs to the toy group.

Japanese chin puppy

#25 Japanese Chin

This lively little dog is of the sensitive variety as far as temperament goes.

They are a wonderful pet, and are normally at peace with other dogs, and pets.

cocker spaniel puppy

#26 Cocker Spaniel

This dog is as sweet natured as it is cute!

Today this aristocratic breed is normally a companion, but they did originate as a hunting dog.

This breed can be sensitive, and requires gentle training.

boxer puppy

#27 Boxers

This muscular dog weighs in at between 60-65 pounds.

This breeds love of its family is evident in all they do.

These dogs can be clown-like, but don’t let that fool you, they are very intelligent.

German shepherd puppy

#28 on our list of the cutest puppies is the German Shepherd

This cute puppy will grow into a medium size dog weighing in between 49-70 pounds.

Like many breeds, this dog is a shedder, and you will find hair everywhere.

As long as that doesn’t bother you, you may want to consider this highly intelligent breed. They are protectors of family, and with proper socialization can make a fine pet.

jack russel terrier puppy

#29 Jack Russel Terrier

Do you recognize this pup from the TV series “Wishbone“?

These dogs are extremely smart.

This breed has high exercise requirements, and can be a rowdy breed.

Early training is necessary as this dog can be stubborn.

Great Dane puppy cutest puppies

#30 Great Dane

It’s hard to believe this puppy will turn into a giant!

These dogs can weigh in at 160+ pounds.

Although they are known to be gentle, training is essential due to their size alone.

Aggression is seen in some lines.

wire-haired pointing griffon puppy

#31 Wire-haired Pointing Griffon

Can puppies even get any cuter than this?

This breed is a gundog, and excels at hunting.

The griffon is not a dog that likes to be left alone for long stretches at a time. As a result, this dog can suffer from separation anxiety. This breed is friendly, and reasonably good with children, although they can be aggressive with other dogs.

rat terrier puppy

#32 Rat Terrier

This breed still finds employment on farms and homesteads today.

They serve an important role dispatching pests.

Beware, this breed loves to dig.

giant schnauzer puppy

#33 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Giant Schnauzer

This dog makes a wonderful farm dog, since that’s what they were originally bred for.

This giant is loving and affectionate with family members, but can be a formidable guardian if necessary.

This dog is independent, and as a result, can be a challenge to train.

bedlington terrier puppy

#34 Bedlington Terrier

This puppy looks like a little sheep.

This companion dog excels at dog sports, such as agility.

This breed is very affectionate and eager to please, although they can be a little needy.

cairn terrier puppy

#35 Cairn Terrier

This cute puppy hails from Scotland, and has a typical assertive and fearless terrier attitude..

You may recognize this dog as “Toto” from the “Wizard of OZ“. The cairn is a perfect example of a little dog, that thinks it a big dog!

komondor puppy

#36 Komondor

One of the cutest puppies, this Hungarian bred dog is a protector of livestock.

As this breed gets older their coat will develop “cording”, giving this breed a distinct look. The Komondor belongs to the working group.

great Pyrenees puppy

#37 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Great Pyrenees

This dog has been bred as a livestock guardian.

They bond closely to any animal they live with, because of this, it will protect them.

This breed will patrol its space, and barks at anything it perceives as a threat.

This can mean some serious barking at all hours of the night, that some may consider a nuisance.

This breed isn’t for everyone, but this oversized, long haired pup sure knows how to melt a heart.

rhodesian ridgeback puppy

#38 Rhodesian Ridgeback

This puppy will grow to a whopping 90-110 pounds.

Although they are the cutest puppies, don’t let that fool you.

This breed was originally used to keep lions at bay.

They are a powerful breed with high exercise requirements.

They would do well with hikers and runners.

This breed is naturally protective of their owners.

australian cattle dog puppy

#39 Australian Cattle Dog

This pup will grow into a fine herding dog!

These dogs are built for the speed and agility that herding dogs require.

This dog can be suspicious of strangers, so socialization beginning at an early age is a must.

Just look at those pointy ears, and tell me that’s not adorable!

bloodhound puppy

#40 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Bloodhound

The “nose” of the dog world, this breed was born to track.

Their floppy ears even play a role in moving scent toward their nose to help guide them along.

Their wrinkles also assist by trapping scent.

Even as a puppy this breed has a grieved expression that just makes you want to scoop them up for a cuddle.

bull terrier puppy

#41 Bull Terrier

This dazzling pup is part of the terrier group.

This dog’s egg shaped head is unique to this breed.

These dogs are clowns, but make no mistake, they aren’t push overs to train.

Loyal to their owners, and overall they make a great companion for those that can appreciate their distinctive characteristics.

You may recognize this dog from the 80’s Budweiser beer commercials as “Spuds Mackenzie”.

Pomeranian puppy

#42 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Pomeranian

As a companion, this dog is second to none, however, they may not be the best around children.

This happy dog is easy to train and is well suited to city life.

This tiny spitz also makes an excellent watchdog.

Dalmatian puppy

#43 Dalmatian

Did you know that Dalmatian puppies aren’t born spotted?

It takes about 21+ days for their spots to start showing.

The popularity of the movie “101 Dalmatians” led to overbreeding of these dogs, and has caused some health and temperament problems in the breed.

This breed requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation or they can become bored and destructive.

They are not the easiest dogs to live with because they can be difficult to train, despite their adorable appearance.

chów chow puppy

#44 Chow Chow

This breed may be best known for its lions mane.

This dog does not require a lot of exercise, and is known to be very clean.

This breed can be aloof toward strangers and should be well socialized from an early age to prevent undue aggression.

dachshund puppy

#45 on our cutest puppies list is the Dachsund (AKA the Weiner dog)

This dog may be small, but they are mighty!

This quirky breed makes a great companion, and it comes in 3 different coat types (smooth, wire, and long) with a variety of colors.

This dog was originally bred to hunt down vermin. The Dachshund would crawl through rodent tunnels to do his work.

The dog is shaped perfectly for this purpose, but it can have some health issues due to its long back.

corgi puppy

#46 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Believe it or not, this dog was bred to herd cattle!

This breed is friendly and outgoing.

Corgi puppies are irresistibly cute!

They can live 12-14 years, and are normally great with kids.

viszla puppy

#47 on our list of the cutest puppies is the Viszla

Oh my! This breed sure is cute as a puppy!

Viszlas can be lacking in the confidence department, and some lines are skittish.

This is a hunting dog, and a high energy breed.

Exercise requirements are high, in fact, the Viszla needs about an hour of vigorous activity daily.

Socialization should start early with this breed and be ongoing to help overcome shyness.

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st bernard puppy

#48 St. Bernard

You may recognize this breed from the “Beethoven Movies“.

Once used to help recover lost travelers.

This is a strong breed that does well in cold weather.

This breed is a drooler, but look at that cute puppy, do you even care???

cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy

#49 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Look at those big puppy eyes!

This sweet dog is affectionate, as well as gentle.

They are very friendly and make fantastic family pets.

Even though this breed is small, they are athletic, and require plenty of opportunities for daily exercise.

maltese puppy

#50 Maltese

These tiny dogs are as cute as a button, especially as puppies.

This is a toy breed, that will require significant grooming to make sure their beautiful fur doesn’t matte.

As with a lot of toy breeds, this dog cane very difficult to house train.

We hope you enjoyed our 50 Cutest Puppies list.

We also hope you got your cute puppy fix!

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