Places to Leave Your Dog While on Vacation

places to leave your dog while on vacation

Heading out for a much needed vacation? Or maybe you need to travel for work. You may be asking yourself “What are some good places to leave your dog while on vacation?”. We hope this information may help you answer that question.

One of the biggest challenges we face as dog owners, is finding a safe place to leave our pets when we need to travel.

Since we own a high energy breed, they also need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. 

The great news is that today we have more choices for our beloved pets than ever. This chart lays out a few popular options, hopefully it helps you make the best decision for your dogs needs.

Friend or relativeFrom $0 to ?Special care, possibly more exercise and potty breaks. Care given depends on the comfort level of the individual.
Board and trainFrom $1,250+ to $2,500+ per monthGun dog training, obedience for both beginners and advanced.
Dog CampFrom $75 to $95+ per dayOff leash running, hiking, bathroom outings, camp meal plan, playtime, swimming
Pet sitterFrom $32 to $75+ per nightGive meds, care for special needs dogs, senior dog care, grooming, exercise, and potty breaks.
Pet hotelFrom $70+ per dayEach hotel has different offerings, but some include pet beds, organic food, private playtime, Special toys.
Traditional boarding kennelFrom $25+ per dayTaken out a few times daily for potty breaks, will give meds for extra fee.
(Prices and amenities will vary based on location. Pricing and services are based on our location)

places to leave your dog while on vacation

Friends or family

Do you have a trusted friend or family member that your dog goes bananas for? If yes, they may be a great pet sitter.

Since this person is someone your pet already knows and likes, your they will probably be more comfortable with them than a stranger.

And since they know your dog, they would likely be more familiar with his schedule and any special needs your dog has.

As for compensation, you can discuss a fair amount to pay, or if they are also a pet owner, swapping pet care services may be an option.

places to leave your dog while on vacation

Continuing on with our places to leave your dog while on vacation.

Board and Train

Why not let Fido get some training while you’re away on vacation. The type of training you choose depends on your dog.

Offerings can range from obedience to gun dog training and more.

What could be better than coming home from vacation to a well trained dog?

Dog Camp is another option for places to leave your dog while on vacation

Dog camp can be a great choice for dogs that are well socialized with other dogs and people.

Some of these camps offer hiking, swimming, and play with other dogs.

One that I researched even had a camp meal plan!

Most of the camps I found also offered off-leash time.

This is one of the pricier options, but seems like a lot of fun for the well socialized K9.

where can I leave my dog

Pet sitter

You have a couple different options with most pet sitters. Typically they watch your dog in their home, but I did find some that are willing to petsit in your home, or even just do “drop ins”.

Most offer a variety of services including senior pet care and administering medications. You can find a pet sitter in your area on

The prices can vary widely between pet sitters.

Pet Hotel

This one is for pets who may be a little on the spoiled side.

Some pet hotels offer activities, grooming sessions, and even organic meals.

If you’re looking for some posh accommodations when you leave your dog, this may be the way to go.

Traditional Boarding Kennel

This is one of the least expensive options and great for those seeking a more budget friendly choice.

In our area some vet offices have a boarding kennel. This always gives us a little more piece of mind.

Check with the staff before you board your pet to find out how much exercise time and how many potty breaks your dog will get daily.

Some kennels have the option of paying extra for additional walks or bathroom breaks.

Boarding facilities usually fill up quickly during holidays, so you may want to book your pets stay in advance.

Make sure the kennel is licensed by the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA).

“Where can I leave my dog?” is a question that more and more dog owners are asking today due to increased mobility, as well as business trips, and family members living further apart. At times you may need to bring your dog on your trip. When traveling with our dog, we like to crate them. We also use these portable dishes to keep our dogs fed and hydrated.

We hope this answers your question “What are good places to leave your dog while on vacation?”

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