10 Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs | Dangers to avoid

Halloween safety tips for dogs

Halloween is such fun for us humans, that we may not realize it can be a dangerous and scary time for our canine companions. So here is our list of halloween safety tips for dogs.

halloween safety tips for dogs

1. Hide the Candy is number one on our Halloween safety tips for dogs

Halloween candy poses a risk to dogs, therefore, can make your pooch very sick.

Not only does a lot of candy contain chocolate, which is toxic to dogs, but some may even contain xylitol as well.

A lot of sugar free gums and candy contain xylitol, this product is also known as birch sugar. This is very toxic to dogs.

Instead, keep a bag of your dogs favorite treats on hand, or whip up a batch of soft peanut butter cookies or Pumpkin pupcakes for your furry friend.

halloween safety tips for dogs

2. The decorations

Be sure that your decorations won’t pose a hazard for your pup, because they can be dangerous.

A few examples are, dangling cords that your dog could chew posing an electrocution hazard, or that they may become tangled in.

Lit candles can be unintentionally knocked over by your dog, therefore causing a fire hazard.

Products like battery operated candles are a safer option for your dog.

We love these flameless votives for inside pumpkins.

Number 3 on our Halloween safety tips for dogs

safety tips for dogs on halloween

3. Scary people

While it may be fun to include your dog in the Halloween festivities, your pooch may not see it the same way you do.

A dog can be easily frightened by costumes, strange people, and unusual noises.

Depending on your dog’s personality, it may be best to give them a quiet space to relax until the celebrations wind down.

4. Keep dogs indoors

The safest place for your dog on Halloween is inside your home.

This will ensure that your dog will not get lost or stolen.

In addition, it will prevent anyone from pestering your dog.

Dog halloween costumes

5. Keep pets away from doors

Keep your furbaby away from doors that will be used by trick or treaters, because they could escape or possibly get frightened.

You may want to consider using pet gates to keep your dog confined, therefore preventing an escape route out the door.

We absolutely love this easy open baby gate.

It’s so easy to get distracted by all the activity on Halloween, and this could lead to your dog slipping out the door.

6. Try on your dogs costume before the big day

Having your pup try on their costume in advance can help ensure that it will be a good fit.

This also helps to make sure it does not have any dangerous pieces that could pose a choking hazard.

Be sure the costume is comfortable, and fits well.

You will also want to make sure your pups hearing, breathing or vision isn’t restricted.

7. Check the weather makes our list of Halloween safety tips for dogs

If you plan to dress your pooch up for Halloween, make sure the costume will be appropriate for the temperature on that day.. You won’t want your dog to overheat, or be uncomfortable.

8. Watch out for glow sticks

You should not allow your dog to eat or bite into a glow stick or glow jewelry, because they can be dangerous to dogs.

Dogs have a strong reaction to the taste of these products.

This adverse reaction is caused by a chemical in glow products called dibutyl phthalate.

If your dog ingests this liquid it may result in agitation, drooling, or vomiting. In the event that your dog ingests this liquid, contact your veterinarian. (source: Petmd.com)

9. Give Fido a break!

Halloween can be a hectic time for your dog. Make sure you frequently give your dog a break in a quiet room. This can help your pup remain calm and relaxed during the festivities.

10. Use Paw Protection

Halloween pranksters have been known to leave broken glass or other hazards on sidewalks, and roadways.

These adorable doggie boots will help protect your dogs paws if you need to walk your dog on the big night.

11. Leave Your Dog at Home While Your Trick-or-Treating

If possible, its best practice to leave your dog at home while your trick-or-treating. This can help you avoid putting your dog into situations that may make them uncomfortable or fearful.

12. Make Sure Your Dog is Wearing Identification Tags wraps up our list of Halloween Safety tips for dogs

Make sure your dog is wearing updated identifications tags on Halloween night. Dogs have been known to escape the house during busy times like Halloween. Doors can be accidentally left open, and before you know it, your dog has run away. Good ID tags can help your pet get home quickly.

We hope you found our Halloween safety tips for dogs useful.

We wish you and your dogs a happy “Howl-a-ween”

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