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puppy toys for teething

Puppies are born without teeth. They normally get their first teeth at around 3 weeks. These first teeth are called deciduous teeth. Puppies begin loosing these deciduous teeth at approximately 4 months of age, and by about 6 months, usually have their adult teeth. This 4 to 6 month stretch is what people normally call the “teething” period. Puppies can be bitey little land sharks during this time, so you’ll want to provide plenty of puppy toys for teething.

What are the best puppy toys for teething?

There are a couple of specific things to look for:

  1. Safety – You’ll want to source toys that are safe for teething puppies.
  2. Durability – You will want toys that are strong, and hold up to puppy teething, otherwise you’ll be buying new toys every few days. Even worse, your puppy could swallow pieces from broken, or chewed up toys.
  3. Fun – The toys you choose must be interesting and fun for your puppy to chew. Chews that have unique textures, appealing smells, or toys you can stuff with food treats help keep your puppy interested longer.

If you fail to provide your pup with puppy toys for teething, he may decide to chew on shoes, furniture, or other items he finds around your house.

This type of destruction can be very costly, and ultimately dangerous for your puppy.

You may even become the target of your puppies chewing. Hands, fingers, and feet can be tempting for a puppy to chew on. Puppies may even take to chewing on your pant legs, shoelaces or other clothing.

Chewing is a natural behavior, and should not be punished. This time will be much easier if your pup has acceptable things to chew. Teething toys can be used distract him, and help alleviate some of his discomfort.

Make sure teething toys are on your checklist for a new puppy.

Here are a few of our favorite puppy teething toys

N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings

n-bone puppy teething rings
n-bone puppy teething rings flavors

These teething rings come in a variety of flavors. They last a long time, and contain DHA for healthy brain development. Our puppies LOVE these! We have tried the peanut butter and pumpkin flavor, both were hits with our puppies.

Kong – Puppy Toy Natural Teething

kong puppy teething toys

These puppy Kongs are a favorite at our house. We find them to be durable, and keep our pups occupied for ages. You can also stuff them to keep your pups interest even longer.

Willie Bones Modern Dog Chew

puppy toys for teething

This chew has a cool, modern design. What makes it fun? It also bounces and floats!

Nylabone Chill and Chew

nylabone puppy toys for teething

This chew comes in different flavors. Enticing flavors can help keep your pup interested!

Put this chew in the freezer and chill to help provide some relief for teething puppies.

Devil Dog Pet Co. Yak Cheese Himalayan Chew

yak himalayan puppy chew

These edible chews are long lasting with only 4 ingredients.

They are great if you like limited ingredients chews / treats.

Kong Puppy Binkie

binkie puppy toy for teething

This Binkie can be stuffed, or just used as puppy toys for teething. This is always a favorite with our pups, and my husband thinks they look hilarious with a “binkie” in their mouths!

As a bonus it’s made in the USA!

Kong Puppy Tires

kong puppy chew toy

This is another great Kong product for teething pups.

This is a chew toy and a treat dispenser.

Kong products are among our favorites, especially for puppies.

They are normally durable, priced right, and made in the USA.

Taking care of your puppy’s teeth

Good dental health is very important to your dogs overall health. One great way to keep your dogs teeth healthy is by frequent brushing. It’s a good idea to begin brushing your puppy’s teeth as soon as possible.

This will help your puppy get accustomed to the sensation of brushing, and this will make it easier to care for your dog’s teeth throughout its life.

Ask your vet to assist you in choosing the best products to care for your pup’s new teeth.

Tutorial: How to brush your dog’s teeth

Legal Disclaimer:

Always Supervise Your Puppy!

Never leave your puppy unsupervised with chews or toys.

Always examine toys for wear and tear before use, and throw away damaged toys immediately.

Be sure to follow size and age guidelines listed by the manufacturers of your pups toys.

The use of any of the toys listed in this post is at your own digression and risk.

We will not be held liable for any situations that arise from using the products in this article.

This post contains affiliate links, which means we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See our full disclosure Privacy Policy.


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